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Delightfully ridiculous, albeit not quite perfect
themadmovieman3 November 2018
As far as Christmas-themed zombie musicals go, Anna And The Apocalypse has to be the best out there. With a gleefully silly premise that's backed up with some strong comedy and entertaining performances throughout, the film proves an immensely enjoyable watch, and although its musical side may leave a little to be desired, it's still an absolute delight from beginning to end.

Given its core premise, comparisons with the likes of Shaun Of The Dead are inevitable, but the brand of humour here is a little more on the nose than Edgar Wright's comedy classic, something that led me to remember Attack The Block, which is far more similar to Anna And The Apocalypse.

So, if you're a fan of Attack The Block, then this will surely prove an entertaining watch once again, as it takes its small-town setting and blows it up with a chaotic zombie outbreak, turning ordinary secondary schoolers into undead-slashing masters as they attempt to make their way across town to safety.

Given that the film attempts to blend so many (seemingly incompatible) genres together, certain parts of the movie are bound to stand out more than others, and while the Christmas and musical elements don't quite hit the right beats every time, the zombie comedy-horror is at least a consistently entertaining side to the movie, continuously growing and growing throughout in equally impressive form to any serious horror flick.

It's not a scary film by any means, but as far as zombie films go, Anna And The Apocalypse does a great job at getting the undead just right - not making them too powerful like World War Z, but still giving them a little bit of menace to keep the tension and excitement there throughout.

But the horror stuff wouldn't work so well if it wasn't for the excellent comedy throughout. I won't say that every single joke lands throughout, but the majority of the humour here is hugely entertaining, and with its playfully ridiculous vibe (particularly in the early stages of the zombie outbreak), it managed to put a big smile on my face.

When it comes to the film's wide variety of other genres, things don't work out quite so well. Although it occasionally adds a pleasant quirk here and there, the Christmas setting doesn't really play that much of a role in the movie. None of the songs are particularly festive-themed, and despite a nice bit of decoration in the background, come the end this doesn't feel like it has any outstanding Christmassy-ness, which I was a little disappointed by.

However, the boldest part of Anna And The Apocalypse is that it's a musical. And it's not just a movie with a couple of quick songs, there's a good handful of big musical numbers that take up a large part of the film.

Does it work? Well, while I have to say that I was impressed with the film's confidence and audacity in sticking with the musical genre right the way through, it's not something that adds immensely to the movie's wow factor. It's not a bad musical, and with the exception of the opening number, the songs aren't jarring or particularly disruptive to the flow of the film, but the songs themselves aren't all that great, and each musical number doesn't really add anything to the film's story in the way that the best musicals do.

Of course, this is never intended to be an all-time classic movie musical, and with the objective of simply being quirky and enjoyable, the film does a great job, but it is something that doesn't quite pay off in the manner that the filmmakers intend to, which is a shame to see at times.

Overall, though, I had a lot of fun with Anna And The Apocalypse. Blending a whole range of random genres together, it proves a delightfully silly watch that, despite not always hitting its beats perfectly, will leave you laughing and smiling throughout.
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What's not to Love about this film.
barbaragolia27 August 2018
Who knew you could have so much fun in an Apocalypse? Anna knew, that's who knew and she delivers with a very funny and welcome turn on the genre. This film walks firmly in the footsteps of Shaun of the Dead, a brilliant turn of events and a horror musical, doesn't get much better.
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Starts excellent, finishes ok
justinhyne26 August 2018
Anna and the Apocalypse is a fun film that starts excellent and finishes ok. The early songs are extremely good and worthy of any high end musical out there. The lead Ella Hunt is a star in the making with not only great vocals, but a believable performance as Anna. Whilst she could stand firm in any west end musical, I feel her talents are destined to stay with the silver screen, as she is able to capture beautifully subtle facial expressions which make the character very likeable and real.

The support vocals and acting are very good from some and ok from others, but overall it never lives up to the strength of the opening 30 minutes.

The horror zombie element was very well done and a similar quality to Shaun of the Dead, but I wonder if this could have actually been two separate films. One musical and one comedy horror, as it did both fairly well, but for me they didn't mesh together well enough to sustain for the whole run time.

Not enough cool zombie kills for horror fans and not enough quality songs for musical fans.

Overall though, I enjoyed the film and would recommend it to any fan of either genre.
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Amazing genre bend and a delightful time
hoescjac2 August 2018
The best part of this film to me is it's ablity to not only combine two completely different genres (horror and musicals) seamlessly. It also shifts the seriousness of the film with out throwing the tone off at all. I also have to say the the songs and score fit perfectly in the film and are incredibly well done. It is some of the most fun I've had watching a film in a long time and hope to see more from these film Makers.
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Christmas Zombie Fun
dkcooper30 November 2018
There's loads to love in this energised romp of musical zombie fun. The baddies have some panto moments and a low-Budget opening distract a little but can't undermine the joy of this film. A crowd pleaser.
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harrisleah-5187227 August 2018
Some genius mind put all my favorite things into one movie, zombies, musicals, the end of days and teenage angst. Saw this one at a Festival and was singing my way all the way home.
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A CULT CLASSIC IN THE MAKING! Broadway is going to scoop this fun musical up...mark my words!
ihavegreatkids-9239411 August 2018
Saw Anna and the Apocalypse at the East Coast Premier in Ft Lauderdale. So funny and creative! I predict this is going to be a cult classic! Don't miss out on this one! Maybe a Broadway Musical in the future...mark my words!
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A very likable bit of comedy-horror-musical nonsense
Red-Barracuda1 July 2018
If you have been waiting some time for a horror-musical-teen-comedy-Christmas-movie, then it has to be said the wait is over. Anna and the Apocalypse boldly goes there. It centres on a group of teens who find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Why is there a zombie apocalypse? Not important. But it is a good excuse for some serious genre mash-up action. I am not necessarily a natural audience for this kind of thing but I would say you would need to be being a bit overly harsh not coming away from this one with some positive feelings. It is a very likable film with some ambition to do something new.

The star of the show here for me was certainly the very beautiful Ella Hunt, who plays the title character. Clearly a performer with some definite star quality and versatility and one for the future hopefully. The rest of the cast are good too it has to be said, and it was nice seeing old Dennis Pennis himself, Paul Kaye, appear as an unhinged headmaster. It has to be said that the comedy is a bit uneven to say the least, although there are some good jokes sprinkled throughout about evacuation selfies, Justin Bieber and all the rest of it but I found it only sporadically funny if I am honest. The horror side of the fence is covered with the usual zombie violence which is visceral and creative enough to keep us interested. The songs were actually quite a welcome injection, as it was with those that the film was at its most distinctive. And also, quite pleasingly, things are not rounded off with a Hollywood ending either, which I thought was the right way to go for this kind of thing.

On the whole, while this is definitely a bit hit and miss, I commend it for its ambition and fun-factor. When a film has the good grace to at least try something new, it deserves a chance and I wish it the very best.
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Cool Horror Comedy
smidebarry28 August 2018
Definitely a Festival film with a unique twist being a musical and a coolness factor. Don't know that it fires on all cylinders all the time but it does a good job entertaining.
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Unnamed_user26 November 2018
Somewhere between High School Musical and Zombieland, there sits a movie which embraces its musical aspects without taking them seriously, managing to gloriously pace character development, music and event twists with ease. If you want some serious high-quaity trash, prepare to get your moneys worth in one of the best christmas comedies ever made.
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holiday midnight madness
ferguson-67 December 2018
Greetings again from the darkness. It's this time of year when the slew of ultra-heavy dramatic Oscar hopefuls fill the movie-watching schedule, so this zany little flick is a welcome diversion ... despite, or perhaps due to, defying traditional movie genres. An accurate description would be 'Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Musical Comedy', though that's likely to draw in fewer viewers than it frightens off.

Beginning like many teen flicks, we meet the teenagers who each believes they are the center of the universe, and during this opening act, we only get a single fake zombie tease (but it's a good one). Anna (Ella Hunt) is a high school senior preparing to take a year and travel to Australia - against the wishes of her protective widower dad (Mark Benton). Anna constantly hangs out with her friend-zone buddy John (Malcolm Cumming), whether at school or at the bowling alley where they both work. Their friends are lovebirds Chris (Christopher Leveaux) and Lisa (Marli Siu), and Steph (Sarah Swire) the American-social activist- recently dumped lesbian who is an outsider to both her peers and the tyrannical school principal Savage (Paul Kaye).

Ms. Siu takes center stage at the school's Christmas production and beautifully performs one of the more double-entendre laden Santa songs you've likely ever heard. The other musical highlight occurs the next morning as Anna and John skip off to school blissfully unaware of the carnage occurring all around them ... a nice statement on how teenagers view the world. What follows are some gruesome and creative zombie kills, especially those featuring a snowman and the bowling alley. The jokes, pop songs and grizzly kills keep things zipping along as the teenagers try to save themselves and their loved ones, although when the school Principal veers towards maniacal psychopath, he becomes a bit of a distraction.

Ryan McHenry passed away in 2015, and his 2011 short film ZOMBIE MUSICAL has been adapted to feature length by director John McPhail and writer Alan McDonald. The songs are co-written by Tommy Reilly and Roddy Hart, and the result is a delightfully entertaining movie that will likely find a long shelf-life in the midnight slot for many holiday seasons to come. It likely would have benefited from another song or two, and remains an oddball mash-up of "Glee", HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, SWEENEY TODD, and SHAUN OF THE DEAD. The film certainly deserves bonus points for creativity, and just keep in mind those footsteps on the roof might not be Santa. You best be prepared to sing and swing a candy cane, as there are no Hollywood endings.
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Fun idea, OK execution
cholmes93205 December 2018
Fun, charming, corny (though not in a bad way) and feeling fresh, this movie also somehow still feels a bit overlong, never fully engaging and not reaching the potential that it should and that you hope (also surprisingly not very Christmassy / lacking spirit). However, it does subvert some cliches and expectations, and the actors have great chemistry. The singing is good, for the most part, but you'll probably forget the songs by the time you get home. If you're curious or already looking forward to it, check it out. Otherwise, wait for Redbox.

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Pretty Good, But Can Be Improved!
vengeance204 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Having seen this tonight after seeing a small trailer on the TV I myself wasn't to bothered by this one & didn't know from the trailer or poster that it was a musical!

Musicals for me can be hit & miss! The Mamma Mia Films, Grease & The Greatest Showman are the only ones I actually like & find re-watchable, the others are either too overloaded with songs & slow the run time down or are simply too stupid & over-hyped, Frozen is a strong example of that!

Now from the trailer & poster, I thought this was going to be a low budget British Comedy Horror with all the traits & themes of a Shaun Of The Dead/Hot Fuzz/World's End type of film, but was slightly taken aback to the musical side, which to be honest wasn't all memorable & pretty forgettable.

The film is Christmas themed & the story, plot a pretty thin. The gore effects & violence were solid & great, the horror side wasn't scary or sinister, but it is a comedy I guess. The characters however are ok if not under developed & 1 dimensional, however I did like Ella Hunt especially, as the female lead (gorgeous young lady!), but other than that the film was alright for a cheap laugh & time burner!

Overall, this film isn't the greatest of musicals I've seen & found that the mix of comedy horror & musical don't mix all too well! Sadly. The ending was bitter sweet & the story didn't go the way I thought it was going to go. But it was good enough to earn the points it did! 7/10
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Now We're Feeling Zombiefied or: Shaun of the Dead Meets High School Musical!
fandangonoir2 December 2018
Anna and the Apocalypse is a breezy take on the zombie genre mixed with musical comedy. It's Shaun of the Dead meets High School Musical.

The supremely hot and talented Ella Hunt plays Anna, a Scottish school lass who faces a bloody zombie apocalypse whilst singing and dancing her shapely ass off.

The songs are generally catchy and memorable. The one weak point being the villain character of Savage, the slavish schoolmaster, his part and musical number could have been better. Plus some of the zombie fighting could have been kicked up a notch and been a little more violent and hardcore.

The film gets credit for literally not having a Hollywood happy ending when nice guy best friend characters meet a gruesome end while alpha male a-hole characters live to fight another day and another zombie. In movies like this you expect the bullying alpha male jackass that's literally bullying and being a proverbial prick to everyone to be the first one to die horribly in a zombie apocalypse. Hell, no! It's the nice, sensitive, best friend guy who gets gutted like a pig by the zombie hordes! I love that! Why? It's reality! A small but powerful point in an otherwise comedic film.

One quibble with one climactic scene. The characters are surrounded by zombies and seemingly doomed. Except there's clearly not enough zombies surrounding them, the characters could have easily escaped, you see a fence behind them with just a few zombies that they could easily outrun. Perhaps adding some more CGI zombies in those shots would have helped.

Still, all in all, a fairly kickaxe, kooky and cool Christmas film meets the zombie apocalypse meets Broadway musicals, with a hot girl in the lead who will never be your girlfriend if you're a nice guy, since it's the alpha male bully arsehole she really secretly digs and has already had sex with. Kudos to the filmmakers for showing a bit of real world honesty in this U.K. zombie musical spaltterfest! Dig it!
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More like this please Scottish film industry.
david-maciver10 November 2018
Well not EXACTLY like this but...you know what I mean. Being a BIT generous with the rating but only a bit (I'm a bit old to be target audience as well). The main cast do a decent job, a couple are excellent a couple less so. A few of the songs are fantastic. It wears the Shaun of the Dead influence on its sleeve at times and could maybe have done with going that way a bit more. Starts like a better Nativity film but if you're going to blow your rating then just hit the ground running.
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Boring Songs and Story With Less Flavor Than Vanilla Ice Milk
jwerwin807 December 2018
I've sat through many movies I disliked. I've sat through films that are flat out boring. I sat through all of Jean-Luc Godard's "Sympathy for the Devil" and several of Andy Warhol's movies. About 20-25 minutes into Anna and the Apocalypse, I just couldn't take it anymore. This movie not only wallowed in lameness, but it just kept getting worse. The characters are flat, one-dimensional, and mind-numbingly boring. The songs are unlistenable. The idea of sitting through this became more painful than I could stand. I walked out.

The music is completely devoid of soul. They're like white bread without crust. Nothing in this film will remind you of Elvis, James Brown, or even Bing Crosby. Even the Andrews Sisters, the queens of uninspired WWII harmonies, are more dynamic and exciting than this.

People who attempt compare Anna and the Apocalypse to Shaun of the Dead are either delusional or liars. Shaun of the Dead had zombies. Anna and the Apocalypse has zombies. That's the only thing the two movies have in common. Shaun of the Dead is funny. Anna and the Apocalypse is devoid of humor. Shaun of the Dead has interesting characters who do things that are suprising. Anna and the Apocalypse has flat, uninteresting characters who follow painfully predictable tropes.

At a certain point I knew there was no way I was going to make it to the end. I was disappointed that I wasn't going to see the apocalypse, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Luckily, the theater was kind enough to give me a pass to see another movie.
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The horror don't come from the zombies
mgvegaman28 November 2018
The horror don't come from the zombies, no, it comes from feminine male heroes who scream in fear an strong wamen (respect wamen !!!) more like she-male who face the zombie menace. This movie has SJW and NPC writers and it's bad.
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So close to walking out...
mpec55783 December 2018
Charming in some ways, but the music is very cheeky and ultimately does not mesh with this genre. The Principal is terrible and his song towards the end is just awful and embarrassing. And while the "kills" look like they will be adventurous and funny, any fun with zombies dies well before half the film is over. 90 minutes never felt so long and just like the kids roaming through the streets to get to the school, there is no sense of direction as this fizzles out with a whimper. If you are a horror fan, this is NOT for you. The blood looks like cherry syrup and is only comical, not gruesome. Its a waste of time, and there is ZERO holiday spirit, just so happens to take place around Christmas time so Anna can carry a candy cane I guess. At least they know that dependency on phones is not going to help you during the apocalypse! I'm going 2 stars for an intriguing beginning with some hope, but the drop off is fast and unfortunate. I wanted out, but I knew it wasn't much longer until it was over and legged it out!
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Dont sing, please
sven-koehler9 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
If I had the choice, I would not have watched this. However, I went to a sneak preview, and surprise: musical meets zombies!

Now apparently the slogan for this movie is "Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land". Sure, Shaun of the Dead comes to mind. But you see, Shaun of the Dead was good, really good, in my opinion. It wouldn't have worked, if Shaun of the Dead would have been made as sloppy as this movie.

And La La Land also was a sneak preview surprise. And I also didn't like it much at first, but by the end I feel like the character might have won me over. There were some characters that I can care about, which is something this movie doesn't have.

The characters in this movie are all caricatures -- every single one of them -- the likes of which I have seen many many times before. The pretty girl, the shy guy, the evil headmaster savage, the evil kid (Nick), etc.

So bottom line, I got a few zombies, a bit of splatter - but that does not make up for the unrelatable characters and the singing. I can enjoy zombies and splatter, but not in this context. Also, the movie did not make me laugh. It's not funny, it was not a blast like the trailer suggests.

Overall, it was painful watching it. Please don't make another movie like this.
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Anna and her Wilted Candycane!
babyjaguar7 December 2018
This spoof seems to cash in alot of musicals originated from cult horror films. It started off well, nice innocent melodies overlaps gory scenes. At mid point, the glitzy residue wears off, gags become repetitive. I felt there was lack of diverse characters but I make sure there were be a nice cult following for Anna and her "Zombie" kill crew!
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Wasted time for bored pre-teens
TMT603 December 2018
If one is between 10 and 16 yrs old, that one is gonna love it : already knows there is no Santa and already watches zombie B-movies. If it comes in a musical package , the better, will remind those teens about MTV clips in the golden years, lol
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