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Sex & Nudity

  • A man is caught at a brothel by his wife
  • Manoj Bajpai stares lustfully at Reema Sen's exposed back; there is mild flirtation between the two later on
  • There is a sex scene between Manoj Bajpai and Reema Sen [no nudity is seen].
  • A character asks a girl to have sex [she throws in out of the room]
  • You can hear two characters having sex [nothing is shown] you can hear the bed banging against the wall

Violence & Gore

  • Both GOW 1 & GOW 2 contain strong bloody violence throughout
  • PART 1:
  • The opening scene is a shootout where a group of men attack a house, we don't see any blood or deaths
  • A group of men are attacked by another group of men in woods. Men are slashed with machetes but all the murders happen off screen
  • A man beats another man to death with a stone, bloody and intense
  • A man is shot in the chest twice, bloody. This happens suddenly
  • A man is killed in his house with a sword, the murder happens off screen.
  • A man hits another man's head repeatedly against a table and later beats his head with a telephone. All of this happens off screen
  • Few men are attacked and stabbed to death in a house, a bit graphic
  • A man attacks another man in a street by repeatedly stabbing him in the stomach with an ice pick, later he chases him and stabs him repeatedly to death, bloody and graphic. Later it is implied that the man is chopped into pieces
  • A slaughter house is shown with lots of blood, guts and filth
  • A man stabs some men to death and attacks some houses with bombs. We see blood on the walls
  • Two men who abducted a girl are shot to death
  • A third man who abducted a girl is murdered very brutally with his penis cut but all of this happens off screen. Later blood is scene at the place where the man was killed. Though the murder occurs off screen the scene looks very graphic
  • An attack occurs in which a man takes a bullet in his stomach. But the man remains still and appears to be fine
  • A man who sells guns is shot to death, bloody
  • In the ending scene a man in car is shot repeatedly by few men. We see him covered in blood and with bullet holes, graphic
  • PART 2:
  • Second part is more violent and bloody than the first one
  • The movie opens with a man being shot repeatedly (the climax scene of the first part). Later in the scene a man shoots another man in public, the murder happens off screen
  • A man is shot to death in a complex and is later stabbed in the eye, graphic
  • A man is shot to death in front of a court, bloody
  • A man kills his friend by slitting his throat, bloody and intense. Later we see his decapitated head hanging in front of a house
  • In a scene a man is shot suddenly, the scene continues with the song 'kaala rey' playing in the background
  • A man is tied to a cot and threatened
  • A man is shaved off his head and is shot by another man, bloody
  • A 14 year old boy cuts a teacher's neck with a blade, very graphic and bloody
  • A 14 year old is attacked and is hit repeatedly on his head with a rock, very graphic
  • A man looses his leg in an explosion, we see his severed leg, bloody and graphic
  • A woman is shot in the head between the eyes, bloody and graphic
  • A man's house with his family in is attacked by a group of men, everyone escapes and no one dies
  • A man and two women are shot to death in a market area, slightly bloody
  • A man is shot to death in his car, slightly bloody
  • A man gets shot in his shoulder with bloody injury and later in the scene another man gets shot in his head with blood spraying on the wall, graphic
  • In the climax sequence a shootout takes place where few men get shot with bloody results. In the same sequence a man is shot repeatedly to death in a toilet by another man, this is the most bloodiest and goriest of all scenes. We see blood and gore flowing out of the bullet wounds, very graphic
  • At the very end a man is shot repeatedly in the chest with blood spraying, it happens suddenly and is graphic


  • Both the parts contain nonstop very strong language
  • Use of swear and abusive words throughout the movie. Few uses of derogatory words for a particular community

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many smoking and alcohol consumption scenes are shown in the movie.
  • A character in particular smokes ganja all the time

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A brief scene of Moharram (a mourning religious ceremony in Islam where some members of the Shia minority beat themselves) is shown. People with their bodies drenched in blood are shown briefly but fully on the screen. In an instance the body of a person slaughtered is cut into pieces to eliminate the evidences(off the camera). The perpetrators make his ally to forcibly see the person being cut into pieces. We see the leg of the body being broken apart on the camera with a very genuine sound of bone cracking. A lot of blood is splattered on the site after they have wiped off the body. Later, during an investigation by the location police at a slaughterhouse we see something like a human bone (presumably of the person killed before). The background is disturbing and contains carcass of buffaloes.

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