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  • When Keller Dover's daughter and her friend go missing, he takes matters into his own hands as the police pursue multiple leads and the pressure mounts.

  • How far would you go to protect your family? Keller Dover is facing every parent's worst nightmare. His six-year-old daughter, Anna, is missing, together with her young friend, Joy, and as minutes turn to hours, panic sets in. The only lead is a dilapidated RV that had earlier been parked on their street. Heading the investigation, Detective Loki arrests its driver, Alex Jones, but a lack of evidence forces his release. As the police pursue multiple leads and pressure mounts, knowing his child's life is at stake the frantic Dover decides he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands. But just how far will this desperate father go to protect his family?

  • When two girls go missing, the families call the police. The brother of one of the girls says that an RV was parked on the street. The police find the RV and the man inside is a mentally challenged man. The detective in charge questions him but says nothing. The father of one of the girls tells the detective to keep him locked up so they can work on him. But he says without more evidence they have to let him go. When the father learns of this he goes to confront the man and the man says something which makes the father think he knows something. So he grabs him and works on him to make him talk but he doesn't. The detective continues to try and find the girls.

  • On Thanksgiving, Keller Dover, his wife Grace, their teenage son Ralph and their little daughter Anna go to the home of their neighbors and friends Franklin Birch, his wife Nancy, their teenage daughter Eliza and their little daughter Joy to celebrate together in a lunch party. Anna and Joy want to play on the street and Ralph stays with them. The girls play in a ROV and Ralph brings them back home. Later Anna asks her father to go to their house with Joy to seek her emergency whistle and Keller tells her to call Ralph or Eliza to go with them. Later the families realize that the girls went alone and have vanished, and they call the police department. Detective Loki is assigned to the case and he arrests the teenager Alex Jones that drives the trailer. Soon they learn that Alex has the IQ of a ten year-old boy and he is discharged. When he is leaving the precinct with his aunt Holly Jones, Keller presses Alex and he says to Keller that "the girls have not cried when he left them". Keller asks to keep Alex imprisoned during the investigations, but Loki cannot hold him anymore. While Detective Loki investigates the pedophiles near the location, Keller decides to abduct Alex to torture him and find where his beloved daughter and her friend are, crossing the thin line between right and wrong.

  • In a town in northeastern Pennsylvania, Keller and Grace Dover, Franklin and Nancy Birch, and their respective offspring - each couple with a teenager and adolescent apiece - are best friends. While the two families are celebrating Thanksgiving together, the two adolescent girls, Anna Dover and Joy Birch, go missing. Based on events earlier in the day, the two families believe that the girls were abducted by whoever lives in the camper van parked in their neighborhood. Their beliefs are strengthened after they meet the resident of the camper, Alex Jones, a mentally childlike young man who is supported in every respect by his overprotective aunt, Holly Jones, and based on other subsequent evidence about Alex that emerges. However, Detective Loki, the lead police investigator, is pretty certain that Alex did not abduct the girls, he instead initially following leads of known sex offenders and pedophiles in the area. In addition, Loki has no evidence to hold Alex in custody, placing him at odds especially with Keller, who is certain that Alex is the one who abducted the girls. While Loki continues his investigation with Keller accusing him of not doing his job by following what he considers are pointless leads, Keller decides he has to take matters into his own hands. He has to decide how much he will involve Grace, Franklin and Nancy in getting Alex to divulge where the girls are by any means possible. His decisions as in who he will involve in getting Alex to talk may depend on how like-minded he believes the other three are, they who may be as devastated as he is, but who may neither be certain that Alex is the perpetrator or go to the same extremes as he to get the information from Alex.

  • A small-town carpenter turns vigilante in order to rescue his abducted daughter and her best friend in this thriller starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Six-year-old Anna and her friend Joy have vanished on Thanksgiving without a trace. Devastated, Anna's father Keller (Jackman) makes note of a run-down RV that had been parked on their street at the exact time the girls went missing. When the driver, Alex Jones (Paul Dano) is swiftly arrested by Detective Loki (Gyllenhaal), it starts to look like the lead will pay off. Alex, however, is quickly released due to lack of evidence, sending Keller into a frenzy as he realizes that if Anna isn't found soon, odds are she never will be. Knowing that time is not on his side, and ignoring Detective Loki's pleas to leave the case to the pros, Keller risks sacrificing his own freedom in a bid to locate the girls before it's too late.


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  • Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) and his son Ralph are hunting deer; Ralph drops a buck as Keller recites the Lord's Prayer, then smiles approvingly at the teen. On the drive home, Keller tells his son to always "be ready."

    An old RV drives past the Dover house. Later they talk about the family finances; Ralph wonders why they don't rent out the grandfather's old apartment, Keller says it is in too poor condition.

    The family, Keller, his wife Grace, son and daughter walk to a neighbor's house for Thanksgiving dinner with their friends the Birches. The families have a good time together. While the adults cook the kids go out, Anna Dover jumps on the old RV parked by the curb; they realize someone is inside and return to the Birch house. Franklin Birch (Terrence Howard) is an affable man and plays a lousy trumpet. After dinner, the younger6-year old daughters leave to go back to Anna's house to get her safety whistle she is supposed to carry at all times.

    Sometime later Keller realizes the girls haven't returned and that the teens hadn't escorted the two young ones. Keller searches his own home to no avail. Ralph returns from looking also and mentions the RV from earlier.

    Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) has Chinese food alone and chats with the waitress. His phone buzzes.

    After a police hunt, the white RV is found parked outside a gas station next to a wooded area. When Det. Loki, who heads the case, goes to confront the RV's driver, Alex Jones (Paul Dano), Alex panics, tries to speed away but crashes into the trees.

    Alex is taken in for questioning, but it is found that he has the IQ of a 10-year-old and rarely speaks. Detective Loki goes to see Alex's aunt, Holly Jones (Melissa Leo), who raised him with his uncle after his parents died when he was six. Alex's uncle left home a couple of years ago after a domestic dispute with his aunt. Alex spends most nights sleeping in the RV and does not have many things. The RV shows no forensic evidence indicating the girls were forcibly taken into or struggled inside the RV, and Alex's low intelligence means he couldn't have covered up such evidence.

    At night many volunteers search the woods calling for the girls. Loki comes to the Birch house and gets better photos of their daughter. At the Dovers, Loki tells Grace they passed the lie detector tests they did, he asks if there was a reason the girls ran away. Grace is weepy and says the girls were happy, Loki vows to find the girl. He greets Keller, who seems sure it must be the RV driver.

    Loki tells the Dovers the evidence against Alex Jones is weak and tries to calm him down. The polygraph tests of him prove inconclusive due to his low IQ, and he repeatedly denies ever having seen the children. As the police are unable to find evidence against Alex, he will be released in two days. Loki asks his Capt to hold Alex longer, but the senior refuses. Loki updates him on the search.

    Loki interviews sex offenders within a 10-mile radius of the girls' homes. Loki discovers that a Father Patrick Dunn has a bound and mummified body in a barricaded basement. The body is wearing a circular medallion with a maze-like design. Father Dunn claims that he did not know who the man was, but that in confession the man talked about killing sixteen children and also admitted to having a marital dispute. Father Dunn confesses that he convinced the man to come to his house, where he killed him "to save the children" and is arrested for murder.

    The search of the woods and river continues. Keller has found out when Alex is being released and attacks him in the police parking lot. He hears Alex say "They didn't cry until I left them." Though no one is close enough to hear this to corroborate, Keller takes this as proof that Alex took the girls.

    Captain O'Malley lets Dover off with a warning and sends him home after a brief talk with Loki.

    At the Jones house, Loki interviews Alex and Holly again about the parking lot incident. He threatens to send the aunt to jail if Alex is not honest. He then leaves and stands in front of an old car.

    Grace is distraught, Keller gives her a sedative to help her sleep. He tells his son to be brave and grownup and look after his mother, then leaves the house.

    That night, Keller abducts Alex at gunpoint while walking his dog, and imprisons him in his father's old abandoned, run-down apartment house. The next morning He shows Franklin Birch, the captured man bound with duct tape; Birch is horrified as Keller starts questioning.

    Detective Loki researches past unsolved missing children's cases. One is Barry Milland, a boy missing since age 6, 26 years ago. An interview with his mother shows her playing and replaying a VHS tape of him just before his abduction. He interviews Father Dunn again, in custody. Dunn says the man abducted kids in daylight and took more than one at a time. Loki feels the info is useless. The body is not identified by DNA or missing persons' reports.

    Keller repeatedly beats Alex for information, enraged that the man won't say what he did with the girls.

    During a candlelight vigil for the missing girls, Detective Loki notices a man acting suspicious but loses him in a chase.

    That evening Birch watches the news item on TV about the man, they show a sketch and the next day he goes to see Dover and tell him there is another possible man.

    Loki and his boss, Capt. O'Malley argues about resources for the continuing hunt.

    Loki watches the video of Alex' interview; he gets a phone call tip. A discount store clerk recognizes him and states that he comes in from time to time to examine children's mannequins and buy children's clothing. She promises to contact Loki if he comes to the store again.

    Franklin is overcome with guilt and tells his wife Nancy (Viola Davis) what they have done and brings her to see Keller. Dover brings her to the apartment where Alex is brutally beaten, bloody and tied to the bathroom floor. Shocked, she unties Alex and tries to talk to him nicely, but he attempts to escape. Dover grabs him. Tied again, Alex watches as Dover starts building something from plywood.

    Later, Dover then brings the Birches back to the apartment. Keller has built an enclosure around the bathtub in which he nails Alex. It is devoid of light except for a small PVC tube talk-hole. Keller says otherwise he would kill the man, and challenges the Birches to let him go. Franklin says it has to stop but does nothing when Nancy tells him to think of Joy.

    While the Birches teen daughter Eliza is in the bath, the strange man walks silently in their house. Later the hooded man enters the Dovers house, Grace hears something and jumps out of bed. She finds an open window and believes Anna had come back. Detective Loki arrives writes down her statement of someone coming in through the window. Grace shows him the basement, Kellers well-organized workshop. Loki sees a bag of lye and asks Grace where Keller is; she says he is out looking for their daughter.

    In the pouring rain, Loki follows Dover but is "made," Dover turns back from the apartment and goes to a nearby liquor store instead.Loki wonders what he was doing in the area. Dover approaches with a bottle and asks why he is being followed. He says this is first drink in nine years. Loki urges Dover to take care of himself and his wife. It has been six days, Dover gets very angry, but then goes home to sleep. He dreams he sees Anna.

    Loki works at his computer. He reads an old news archive of a suicide, which occurred at 234 Campobello, the same location Dover was near.

    The next day Keller tortures Alex with alternating scalding and freezing water from the shower-head. Alex tries to talk, but Dover just wants to hear where the girls are. Dover kneels to pray. Loki arrives at the boarded-up building and enters the ground floor. He finds Dover pretending to sleep on the floor. Dover gives the policeman a short tour of the ramshackle building, and then his cell phone rings with the store clerk, the intruder has been spotted. The clerk tells Loki the license plate number, and he leaves quickly.

    Loki confronts Taylor at his home, notices he is strange and forcibly handcuffs him. He calls it in and searches the house. The walls are covered in drawings of intricate mazes. In a back room, locked boxes are filled with maze books, venomous snakes, and bloody children's clothing. At the police station, both the Dovers and Birches identify clothing belonging to their children from the crates, and Taylor confesses to killing them.

    Taylor is weeping while handcuffed in the interrogation room and draws a maze. Loki watches for a while then enters. He loses control and beats Taylor during questioning, and other cops rush in. Taylor manages to grab one of the officers' gun from his belt and commits suicide.

    Back at the apartment prison Keller sits and recites the Lord's Prayer.

    At the police station, the Captain chides Loki for the death.

    Keller is drinking as Alex finally talks and mentions something about finding the girls in a maze.

    Keller goes to the Jones home to "apologize" to Holly for attacking Alex at the police station. She invites him in and tells Dover her son died of cancer and commiserated. Keller says he dreams of Anna in a maze. Holly also mentions her husband kept snakes. A newspaper headline grabs Dover's attention, the report of Taylor's suicide.

    Capt. O'Malley tries to tell Loki to get over it, you can't win them all and to find a girlfriend. Loki goes to his workstation in a rage. In a pile of photos, he notices a picture of a maze similar to the one Taylor was drawing. Back at Taylor's house, another cop reveals the blood on the children's clothes is later found to be pig's blood. Taylor is now felt to be a fake killer copying a book titled "The Invisible Man" which prominently features mazes, especially a circular maze (seen in the "O" in the "Prisoners" logo and as the maze medallion worn by the body in Father Dunn's basement) which Taylor was drawing while in custody. Loki can't figure out how Taylor had the missing girl's clothes.

    He returns to the Dover's house and finds a small sock in the bushes. Someone calls Grace, and she excitedly finds Keller.

    Joy Birch has been found wandering, drugged and is hospitalized. Keller tries to question the young girl. Anna remains missing. In her drugged state, Joy rambles that Keller was there, giving the people around her the impression that Keller is somehow in on it. Keller rushes off as Loki chases him in the hospital, then to a car chase outside. Loki loses Keller, but heads towards Keller's apartment building and discovers the imprisoned Alex.

    Keller has gone to Holly's, with a tool belt and offering to do some penance for his behavior. Holly once again is friendly and invites him in for a tea. Keller confronts her about the girls, but the woman holds him at gunpoint and forces him to put on handcuffs and consume the same sedative used to drug Anna and Joy. At gunpoint, she directs him to an old car outside. She reveals that she and her husband had been religious people, like Keller, until their son died of cancer at a young age. Holly and her husband decided to make war on God by making children disappear without a trace to turn their parents into demons, as evidenced by what Keller had become. Her husband then disappeared and she "does what she can." She orders Keller to drive slowly and tells him Alex never touched the girls. The car had been covering a pit, Holly tries to force him in and shoots him in the leg, he drops into the hole. She closes the lid and parks the car again over the lid.

    The Capt. tells Loki to go to Holly's and let her know about Alex.

    With a small flashlight, Keller explores his dungeon. He finds his daughter's whistle and prays for Anna's safety.

    Loki arrives. Holly goes to a locked room to get Anna. Loki enters the house and sees an old photo of Holly's husband and the RV. He then creeps toward a noise. Holly is injecting the girl with a syringe, and Loki demands she stop, they both fire their weapons. Holly is killed, and a wounded, bloody Loki races the girl to the hospital.

    The next morning a bandaged Loki reads a newspaper, the headline says Barry Milland, aka Alex Jones, has been reunited with his family. Grace comes in and says Anna will be okay, the Birches and Dovers leave. Grace says Keller still hasn't contacted her; she realizes Keller will be going to jail when caught.

    At night, at the Jones house, the CSI techs say they have found some dead snakes, but the ground is frozen. They leave for the night. Loki stays behind for a while then hears a whistle.

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