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MPAA Rated R for some sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A row of boys appear to be masturbating in the theater to an erotic film, and are shown from the waist up. (We see a completely nude woman lying face down for a few seconds... no graphic nudity.)
  • A man in a theater is seen spooning a woman standing up and fondling her covered breast, and from his thrusting motions it seems a little more is going on.
  • There are many scenes of passionate kissing from old films, and a few VERY short (less than 1 second) topless scenes.
  • In the extended edition, we see teenage Salvatore encounter a man having sex with a protitute. Thrusting is shown and heard and the man is wearing underwear. We soon hear him yell in orgasm.
  • Also in the extended edition, we see teenage Salvatore having sex with a prostitute. His pants are shown down sideways, and his face grimaces at a clear orgasm.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a fire that leaves a man injured. You can later see some pretty intense blisters, and he is shown to be blinded by it, with one scene where his empty eye sockets are visible.
  • There is brief, very mild fighting by younger boys. There is a scene where a boy meets his girlfriend's dad, and is later shown with a bandage on his head.
  • A boy is lightly beaten by his teacher, and another boy is hit some by his mother. Not appropriate to teach this to young audience
  • There are a few violent scenes from movies, but they are old and very tame by modern standards. One of these scenes includes a gangster shootout, and another shows a man hitting a girl around.


  • An older man stares at a younger man's girlfriend, and he asks, "What the fuck are you looking at?". But this is seen only in the directors cut, in the theatrical version it is omitted.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is some smoking, including some by young boys. A man orders a drink from a bar, and is shown taking a small drink from it before his drops the glass.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The fire can be upsetting and intense.

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