Natalie Portman shines in the otherwise confounding “Vox Lux”

Some movies are made to be challenging. From top to bottom, they’re meant to not be easy viewing. There’s nothing wrong with that. There just has to be a method for the madness. In the case of Brady Corbet’s sophomore outing Vox Lux, however, that never fully seems to be the case. There’s ambition for days, but it never feels like it amounts to too much. It’s a whole lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Surface level critiques and satire may pique your interest initially, but they can’t sustain for two hours. Despite some solid acting, this never manages to be anything other than a letdown. The film is a drama about the bizarre reasoning for a pop star to have found her success. Spanning about 18 years, it starts in 1999 and finishes in 2017. In the 90’s section, Celeste (Raffey Cassidy as the child
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